Main Street

Main Street Alabama is focused on bringing jobs, dollars and people back to Alabama's historic communities. Economic development is at the heart of this statewide organization's efforts to revitalize downtowns and neighborhoods across the state.”

On June 1st, 2022, Leeds, Alabama became a Designated Main Street Community. This designation means that we, as a community, are ready for a downtown transformation. With the resources and support from Main Street Alabama, we will begin revitalizing our downtown area, but this program relies on community support so we need your help!

Whether you’ve grown up in Leeds generationally, or are a newly planted citizen, I think we can all agree we want to see our beautiful small town thrive and flourish. Main Street’s program is helping us achieve that goal.

Main Street Alabama is a revitalization program that has a heart for small town charm. With their help, we see the future of Leeds downtown as a beautiful, bustling historic town center filled with a mix of quaint shops and restaurants, art, and landscaping that our citizens will love and want to walk around and enjoy on a Sunday afternoon. A city that our children and grandchildren will see and enjoy as it grows and want to continue to be a part of. A city that all of Leeds can be proud of!

Visit mainstreetalabama.org for more information on the Main Street Alabama program and approach.

We are helping to grow our community with your help! Please consider donating your time, money and/or resources to help Leeds Main Street reach its fullest potential!

Main Street Alabama Resource Team Presentation for the Future of Leeds

Big Thanks to Our Corporate Sponsors That Believe in Us!

Photography by Jeremy Dove.